Lack of judgement and good taste. R&R Autograph Auctions has often done what ever they need to to make sales.

They support a web site called AUTOGRAPH MAGAZINE LIVE, managed by Steven Cyrkin. The purpose of Autograph Magazine Live is to educate the autograph consumer. They do this by publishing lies about all of RR AUTOGRAPH's competition, and they leave no one out ! R&R Autograph auction has published thousands of self promotional web sites, many with *** doo videos showing Bobby Livingston Seagul interviewing the staff at R&R.

Below is a weird picture of Bobby Livingston Seagul holding an autograph of a famous person while standing over that person's grave in a cemetary. Creepy and freaky weird.

This photo gives me the creeps and besides that, he is showing great disrespect for the deceased. The picture makes me sick.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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About the case

Between April 2011 and July of 2011, Plaintiff Michael Johnson personally delivered more than 20 autographed music items he had previously purchased from RR Auctions to PSA/DNA Authentication Services located in Santa Ana, California. The autographed items Plaintiff Michael Johnson purchased from Defendants RR Auction came with Certificates Of Authenticity issued from RR Auctions and/or RR Auctions music autograph authenticator, Roger Epperson.

All items submitted by Plaintiff Michael Johnson to PSA/DNA Authentication Services which Plaintiff Michael Johnson had previously purchased from RR Auctions we’re rejected by PSA/DNA Authentication Services as not authentic.


The Truth comes out


Well you see I happened to be back on the east coast

A few years back tryin to make me a buck

Like everybody else, well you know

Times get hard and well I got down on my luck

And I got tired of just roamin and bummin

Around, so I started thumbin my way Back to my old hometown You know I made quite a few miles In the first couple of days, and i Figured I'd be home in a week if my Luck held out this way But you know it was the third night I got stranded, it was out at a cold lonely Crossroads, and as the rain came Pouring down, I was hungry, tired Freezin, caught myself a chill, but It was just about that time that The lights of an old semi topped the hill You should of seen me smile when I Heard them air brakes come on, and I climbed up in that cab where I Knew it'd be warm at the wheel Well at the wheel sat a tiny man Id have to say he must of weighed 110 The way he stuck out a big hand and Said with a grin Bobby Livingston is the name And this here rigs called The R&R Well I asked him why he called his Rig such a name, but he just turned to me And said why son don't you know this here Rigll be puttin em all to shame, why There aint a driver on this Or any other line for that matter That's seen nothin but the taillights of Bobby Livingston And The R&R ! So we rode and talked the better part of the night And I told my stories and Bobby told his and I smoked up all his roaches as we rolled along He pushed her ahead with 10 forward gears Man that dashboard was lit like the old Madam la rue pinball, a serious semi truck Until almost mysteriously, well it was the Lights of a truck stop that rolled into sight Bobby Livingston turned to me and said Im sorry son But Im afraid this is just as far as you go You see I kinda gotta make a turn Just up the road , but I'll be Damned if he didn't throw me a buck as he Threw her in low and said go on in there Son, and get yourself a hot cup of coffee On Bobby Livingston !

And when Bobby and The R&R pulled off into The night, man in nothing flat they was Clean outa sight So I walked into the old stop and Ordered me up a cup of mud sayin Bobby Livingston is settin this dude up but It got so deathly quiet in that Place, you could of heard a pin drop As the waiters face turned kinda Pale, I said what's the matter did I say somethin wrong? I kinda Said with 8a half way grin.

he said No son, you see it'll happen every Now and then. you see every driver in Here knows Bobby Livingston, but let me Tell you what happened just 10 years Ago, yea it was 10 years ago Out there at that cold lonely crossroads Where you flagged Bobby Livingston and the R&R down, and There was a whole bus load of kids And they were just comin from school And they were right in the middle when Bobby topped the hill, and they could Have been slaughtered except Bobby Livingston turned his wheels, and He jacknifed, and went Into a skid, and folks around here Say Bobby Livingston gave his life to save that bunch Of kids, and out there at that cold Lonely crossroads, well they say it Was the end of the line for Bobby Livingston and The R&R, but its Funny you know, cause every now and then Yea every now and then, when the Moons holdin water, they say Bobby Livingston Will stop and give you a ride, and Just like you, some hitchhiker will be Comin by So here son, he said to me, get Yourself another cup of coffee, it's on the House, you see I want you to hang on To that dollar bill, yea you hang on to that Dime as a kind of souvenir, a Souvenir of Bobby Livingston and The R&R

Germantown, Tennessee, United States #760229

This picture does lack good taste, especially if it was used to advertise autographs for sale.


Weird ! Just in time for Halloween I suppose, but a little to strange to be selling autographs next to grave sites of the celebrity right up there with selling dirt from Ed Gein's grave.


I am speechless here, this picture is creepy and macabre. This picture lacks good taste.


I find reading about things like this to be very painful. In 1993 brother was killed by a mass murderer and what gives auction houses the right to profit from tragedy ?


My God ! how Taseless is this !!?

Is this photoshopped ? If its is real then Bobby Livingston should be ashamed


These people are SICK. They have two serial killer murderabilia auctions a years selling autographs of serial killers - rapists - child molesters - and similar filth...now Booby the seagull is getting photographed in graveyards holding autographs of the dead . SICK PEOPLE SELLING SICK THINGS AND TAKING SICK IN THE HEAD PHOTOGRAPHS


Was this a halloween auction ? I don't like this picture at all and Mr Seagul is tresspassing on PRIVATE PROPERTY HERE ! I just was emailed a link to this and it really upsets me !

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