GEORGE9785 bought a signed photograph of Astronaut Cernan from me on eBay then he "created" a written statement alleged from Steven Zarelli that the autograph was fake and gave it to eBay and filed a SNAD complaint. George9785 got an instant refund plus he did not return the Cernan signed photograph to me.

I recently saw it on RR Auction for sale The thief consigned it with RR Autographs. It is marked and I reported this as stolen. This is a clear example of eBay buyer protection. I placed this complaint on PISSED CUSTOMER because doing a google search and finding George9785 on ebayers that suck as well as on Pissed Customer made me decide to post my own complaint.

Pudgy little theif from Canada with a US Post Office Box to avoid Customs !! Srealing items to consign with RR .

Monetary Loss: $105.

  • Stolen Autograph Consigned with RR
  • UACC
  • Space Auction
  • Canadian Theif
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Brooklyn, New York, United States #913553

" then he "created" a written statement alleged from Steven Zarelli that the autograph was fake and gave it to eBay and filed a SNAD complaint."

Steve Zarelli works for R&R and R&R Autograph Auctions is facing a big class action suit for fake autographs sold between 2009 & 2012.

I don't trust Steve Zarelli and I certainly do not trust R&R

West Islip, New York, United States #807201

GEORGE is obviously one of RR AUCTIONS Pseudonym names !

Amherst, New Hampshire, United States #803402

Mr George Boulos Nemar has used some very hostile wording and he just may sound unreasonable and distorted to others and therefore his rebuttals do not work in his favor. I looked at his eBay feedback and his response to feedback makes him look like a reactionary person.

The antisemitism is really working against him as well. George Boulos Nemar should not be posting anything on-line to defend himself because he comes across sounding hostile and unlikable to his audience. George's choice of wording really hurts his own credibility which in turn actually gives the original poster's position credibility. Every time you rebut on this type of forum you actually move this thread higher in the Google search engine.

George you need to join Facebook, Twitter and other forums using your many names and push the negative reports about you downward in the Google search. Did you know that by typing in your name or any one of your many alias the first information about you are all negative ? Your rebuts do not help your image at all. I looked at VINTAGE761 and this hurts your image as well because this man is selling posters,prints,books,eye glasses and the autographs he sells are of old obscure vaudeville stars at cheap prices.

Where are his forgeries ? Maybe he did sell you something that was not signed but you stated that you refused to return the item. George if you emailed me in an angry hostile manner then I would refuse to refund you as well and if you told me that you had no intention of returning my item then I would defiantly refuse you a refund. I understand that you reside in Canada.

They have excellent health care and you need to see a doctor so you can get medication to control the chemical imbalance going on right now inside of your brain.


My first though here is the blatant antisemitism in the postings. I will not comment on the legitimacy of the original posting here because the hateful expressions here are overwhelming.

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada #802362

I'm george9785 on eBay.

The opening post and all of the subsequent posts here have been created by the fraudster and forger/forgery dealer Karl Janesky of Guildford, Connecticut. He sells on eBay under the username "vintage761".

He sold me forged lithographs, wouldn't honor his written guarantees once they were determined to be forgeries and because he lost the credit card chargeback claim that resulted (and because he's mentally unstable) he decided to try and soil my reputation on sites like this where he can post anonymously, as often as he wants and under whatever fictitious names he chooses.

He's a known forger, a compulsive liar and a manipulator with, apparently, a lot of free time on his hands to create these posts.

You're a good-for-nothing Janesky - go crawl back under your rock. You're an embarrassment to the Jewish faith, to the U.S.A., and to humankind.

to George Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada #802548

If Hitler succeeded, we would not have to be plagued by a Janesky. Such a shame too !

Nashua, New Hampshire, United States #797914

Another reason eBay should not allow autographs to be sold on their site. eBay has been a problem for collectors for years.

Sanford, North Carolina, United States #786782

GEORGE BOULOS is an ANTI-SEMITE , A Hater of AMERICANS and he posts on sever subversive sites and praises Muhamid Atta for his actions. I don't give a rats tail about eBay but on the other hand do not supprt a hater like George Boulos.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #753942

{anonymous posts like this containing totally fictitious information.}

How about an anti-semite war monger from the Middle East living in exile in Vancouver under the extreme liberal Canadian polices concerning *** scud-missile vermin of Gaza. Getting an ILLEGAL US ADDRESS in Washington using fictitious information.

Hackensack, New Jersey, United States #753812

find SAID RAWDAH or GEORGE BOULOS or whatever he calls himself and throw him in jail. He is using illegal money to help violence in The Middleast .

Selling Autographs of American Heros to do it ! America Supports The State Of Israel . Arrest this illegal for imitating a U.S.

Citizen . Arrest him for being a menace to world peace.

Forest Hills, New York, United States #753489

Something fishy about a man, who leaves Palestine, settles in British Columbia and rents a United States Post Office Box using an assumed name in order to sell on eBay .

Forest Hills, New York, United States #753270

GEORGE9785 is a man name SAID RAWDAH. He is a PALESTINIAN REFUGEE living in Vancouver .

He rents a United States Post Office Box in Washington under the name George Boulos.

He sells U S ASTRONAUTS as an insult to Americans by using the proceeds to send off to help escalate the violence in Israel against CIVILIANS.


RR AUCTIONS is the single biggest seller of autographs. Through no fault of RR's stolen items could easily be consigned to RR and it would be most impossible to identify these as stolen property until the images were published in RR's monthly auctions.

This is unfair for everyone concerned including RR Auctions.

The best practice is not to buy or sell autographs through eBay because it is an excellent way to get burned.

I have nothing but pity for anyone that needs to use eBay's ill written policies to get their autographs through illegal and immoral means.


I'm george9785 on eBay and this poster is full of ****. The poster is a fraudster by the name of Karl Janesky (or someone doing his bidding) who tried to rip me off selling me forged photos and now wants to soil my eBay seller reputation with anonymous posts like this containing totally fictitious information.


This is a good example of why the eBay buyers protection program is highly flawed. A *** artist can buy a nice quality item then tell eBay that the item is counterfeit and get a no questions asked refund and still keep the item because eBay's buyer protection program does not require the buyer to return such items back to the seller, moreover , eBay requires very little proof from the buyer.


This guy sounds like many typical ebay scammers that use SNAD to steal from sellers :upset

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